Expat Uruguay

The popularity of Uruguay as an expat destination has been growing for last several decades. Uruguay located in South America southwest of Brazil and east of Argentina. Uruguay borders on the Atlantic Ocean and for the most part has developed infrastructure, a stable democracy and beautiful culture that draw many expats to her borders. While one of the main reasons expats are drawn to Uruguay is due to the low cost of living, many people come for the beautiful port city of Montevideo and wonderful coast line that is filled with summer homes and resorts.


Uruguay is a located in the temperate zone, meaning that the weather varies by season, but extremes in temperature are not common. The main city of Uruguay which is Montevideo is usually cool and a little humid during the spring and warm in the summer. During the autumn months you will find that for the most part the weather is very mild, however the winter can be uncomfortable with cold weather and lots of rain. If you are living north of Montevideo in the northern highlands of Uruguay, you will notice the weather being more agreeable with less change in seasons and a milder climate.


Uruguay has a reputation as being a stable democratic country. It has a well educated economy and many of its citizens fall into the middle class. While there is extreme poverty in some areas, for most part, many expats can find comfortable living arrangements near the city, as well as on the coast, suburbs and inland.

You can find information regarding visa requirements and other essentials at the Embassy of the United States in Uruguay. In addition, you can also contact the Embassy of Uruguay in Washington D.C..

Tax System

One of the many benefits of being an expat in Uruguay is that there is no individual income tax. However, corporate income tax rates top out at 35%. Besides income tax on corporations, other taxes include a capital tax, a tax on transferring property and a Value Added Tax (VAT).

You can find more detailed information on the Uruguay tax system at Uruguay Invest.

Medical Care

The medical care in Uruguay is best described as being adequate. While Uruguay does have many modern hospitals and clinics, they are mostly found in developed areas such as Montevideo. Other, remote areas may offer less. If you are primarily healthy, you should find health care that meets your needs, however if you are traveling to Uruguay with serious health issues, do not expect the level of care that you are accustomed to in the states. In fact, for most serious illnesses, evacuation back to the states is regarded as your best option.

If you are covered by health insurance in the United States, contact the company to find out what is covered abroad, as well as if medical evacuation is covered. If not, you may want to seriously consider purchasing an international health care insurance plan.

Real Estate

For those looking to buy property in Uruguay, investments are usually easy to make and laws are enforced, so you shouldn’t have any problems with contracts. Housing varies by area, but for the most part is affordable even in the top destinations such as Montevideo and along the coastline. You can usually buy a mansion for about $800K; however, since most of the country is middle class, many homes are moderately priced even in the most demanding areas.

Renting a home or apartment is extremely affordable as well. For instance, a fully furnished three bedroom apartment in Montevideo near the beach is around $600 per month, renting a flat with some friends is extremely affordable, costing only a couple of hundred dollars.


While you can almost find anything you need, shopping is not the main focal point of Uruguay. There are many main brands, but you do need to look harder for them. However, many expats state that the local brands are extremely high quality. You can find many local markets and plenty of restaurants and nightlife in the area. In fact, you can even find 5 star hotels and resorts in Uruguay.

When shopping, you will notice as an expat, Uruguay’s people are less likely to gouge foreigners and while most don’t speak English, they are relatively respectful. Food is very good in Uruguay and since the country is mostly agricultural, there are always good beef, produce and seafood available.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Uruguay is very affordable and one of the draws of this beautiful country. Housing is much lower than housing in the United States, as well as health care and food. Usually the only thing that you will spend more on in Uruguay than the United States are cars, consumer electronics such as TV’s, DVD’s, etc and Internet connection fees.

For the most part, any retiree from the United States can live in Uruguay very comfortably and if you are student or own a small business back in the states, you will do fine as well. Since it only cost about $1,000 per month to live comfortably for two people, anything more in terms of savings will add to the luxuries you can afford.

Extradition from Uruguay

Extradition treaty between Uruguay and the US
was signed on April 6, 1973

This treaty was entered into force on April 11, 1984

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