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Discover Montenegro – Before Everyone Else Does

Timing is very important when determining where to invest and live. If you invest too late, you miss the great deals and huge profits which accrue to early adopters. If… Read more »

Offshore Company Formation

What is an offshore company? The term can refer to any company under offshore jurisdictions, or it can refer to entities like limited liability companies or corporations filed outside a… Read more »

Expat Staffing

Many companies hire foreign workers. Traveling is now less expensive than it used to be, which has led to greater mobility; workers can travel and look for job opportunities in… Read more »

Offshore Companies in Cyprus

If you want to set up an offshore company in Cyprus, you have to learn as much as you can about the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in this… Read more »

Selling Vehicles Overseas

Selling your vehicle overseas is not as risky as it used to be. The entire process is not too complicated, but you have to be cautious and well informed. You… Read more »

Nominee Shareholders

If you own an international company, you may wish to use nominee shareholders to protect your privacy and, in some cases, to reduce your legal tax liabilities. Here’s how it… Read more »

Offshore Mail Forwarding Services

As an expat, you may want to buy products that are not available in your country of residence.  This could be anything from high-tech computer equipment to the comfort foods… Read more »