Expat Staffing

Many companies hire foreign workers. Traveling is now less expensive than it used to be, which has led to greater mobility; workers can travel and look for job opportunities in numerous countries, and many companies find that hiring foreign workers has many advantages.

Why Do Companies Hire Expats?

According to recent researches, many companies employ workers from foreign countries. International companies that have branches worldwide usually employ people from different countries. If a company has a project in India, for example, hiring professionals from this country is always a good idea. They are familiar with the laws and regulations of their own country, which is always helpful.

Most managers will tell you that hiring people with international experience is a great thing, and it can contribute to overall success of some project.

Some people wrongly believe that the U.S. companies recruit expats in order to reduce the costs. Well, this is certainly wrong. Reducing the wages for expats is not allowed, and can have serious consequences. Foreign workers must be properly paid, just like domestic workers. There are strict rules and harsh penalties for companies who break the law. If your company wants to hire people from some other country, you have to be familiar with labor regulations and laws.

Hiring expatriates always involves a few agencies within the Department of Labor, the Immigration Services, the U.S. State Department and the State Department of Labor.

Many people move to another country for school and end up staying there. Some of them meet their spouses there, or they just find good job opportunities.

How to Connect with Expats

If you are interested in hiring an expat, you have to know exactly what kind of worker you are looking for. You can contact some of the recruiting agencies in your area, or you can visit some of the expat communities online and see if there are any expatriates looking for job opportunities. You have to hire a legal advisor, because there will be a lot of paperwork. Hiring an expat is not too complicated, but you have to do everything legally, and you won’t be able to do this on your own. ECA International  is one of the companies you can contact for help.

This agency is the world’s largest membership organization for international human resources, serving a global network of over 4000 HR professionals in 35 countries.

ECA’s expertise offers all the information and support required to manage international assignments with maximum efficiency – from country briefing reports to detailed data for salary calculations to developing an expatriate policy.