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Sweden has a wonderful reputation of having it all, a great capital city, warm people, exciting nightlife and an excellent quality of life. For those seeking the midnight sun and a Scandinavian lifestyle, Sweden will definitely fulfill your expectations.


For those looking to live in Sweden the climate is very livable. While it does get cold in the winter time, for the most part, average temperatures hover around 27 degrees, which is about the same as many US cities. The climate is very diverse, especially since Sweden is very long in shape; however most of the people live on the southern end in the capital city of Stockholm where temperatures are usually the warmest.

During the summer time, the climate is very cool with average temperatures of about 65 degrees. While there are plenty of sunny days, expect precipitation throughout the year. Annual precipitation usually averages about 25 inches per year. One of the great aspects of Sweden is the midnight sun and during the late spring and early summer time there is plenty of sun each day, however for those that like a lot of sun, you will want to leave Sweden during the winter time when the sun only shines just a few hours per day, if that.


The government of Sweden is a representative parliamentary democracy which is still under a constitutional monarchy. The social structure in Sweden is extremely stable, mainly due to the welfare state set up. The term welfare state means that taxes are higher than normal, but all important services are provided by the government. For a country like Sweden with about 9 million people, this set up works very good. In fact, in Sweden there is not a large disparity between the rich and poor. Many residents of Sweden fall into the middle class and live extremely comfortably.

Sweden has one of the highest quality of life ratings and along with it an excellent educational system. The labor force in Sweden is extremely educated and one of the most pursued in the world. For those looking to become an expat in Sweden, one of the easiest ways to do so is to start off as a tourist and stay in Sweden for intervals of up to 90 days, after which you must leave, get your passport stamped and then you can reenter.

Because Sweden is so generous with its public programs, many expats seek to live within her borders creating lots of demand and making it difficult to receive a long term visa. However, if you are working for a Swedish company or a company that is located in Sweden or would like to marry a Swedish citizen, you should have no problem attaining a long term visa. You can find out more information about Sweden at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington D.C. or the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm.

Tax System

Sweden is renowned for having some of the highest taxes in the world; however the majority of the money that is collected is distributed very equally among its citizens. Sweden is termed a welfare state, because the government has set up social programs to take care of its citizens. The top rate for individual income tax in Sweden is a whopping 60%, however corporate income tax is much less at 28%. Besides these taxes, there is a Value Added Tax (VAT) and a capital gains tax.

It should be known that even though Sweden has high taxes, most residents live very well and fall into the middle class.

Medical Care

Medical care in Sweden is among the best in the world. Sweden has an excellent and modern health care system. Its health care professionals are well trained. For residents of Sweden there is universal health care available which works extremely efficiently. For those expats that are considered tourists, you may want to make sure you have international health care insurance or if you are from the EU, you should be able to be covered by your own countries insurance system. While most doctors work for public health care institutions, you can find several clinics that cater to foreigners, especially in the Stockholm area.

Besides plenty of hospitals and clinics, you can find plenty of dentists and other health services such as spas and wellness clinics.

Real Estate

Investors and those looking to purchase real estate in Sweden should have no problem making a purchase, however, it should be noted that prices can be high. The vast majority of citizens in Sweden live near or in Stockholm. This means that in this area there is lots of demand. For citizens of Sweden, the government can easily help you find a residence, however for expats and investors, you will usually need to pay top dollar.

For those looking for an apartment in Sweden, there are many to be found, however once again it can be expensive. If you are working for a company in Sweden, chances are your employer will help you find an apartment to live in, if not, you can always find apartments to live in for either short or long periods of time. If you have a small budget, your best bet is to find a room mate and share the costs.


Sweden is one of the highest rated countries in the world for quality of life. Necessities are extremely easy to find and there are many luxuries available. Most of the population falls into the middle class, however there are plenty of luxury stores and boutiques around, especially near large cities such as Stockholm. The city of Stockholm is said to be one of the beautifulness in all of Europe and millions of tourists visit Sweden each year.

As far as entertainment goes, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightlife. For a country that has plenty of sunshine in the spring and summer, there are plenty of things to do all night long. While restaurants can be expensive, food found in supermarkets is very affordable making it easy for many expats to live and enjoy life in Sweden.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is relatively high for those visiting Sweden. However, it should be noted that living in Sweden is relatively affordable, since most of the taxes that are paid to the government are used for public projects and services. For an expat, real estate and food may be higher than normal especially since the dollar is weak. Living in Sweden can be the perfect place for those seeking high quality of life..

Extradition from Sweden

The Extradition treaty between Sweden and the United States of America was signed on October 24, 1961

A supplementary extradition treatywas signed on March 14, 1983

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