Expat San Marino

For those looking to live in a small republic in Europe, you might find San Marino to be one of the most interesting of the bunch. San Marino is actually the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Its constitution has been in effect since 1600, more than 400 years and continuing.

It should be known that while San Marino is the third smallest country in the world, it is quite larger than the Vatican and Monaco. San Marino has about 23 km of area and enough infrastructures to operate comfortably. It is a landlocked republic with no water to mention.


The Climate of San Marino is Mediterranean, which means that throughout the winter the temperatures are generally very mild without dropping below the 50 degree mark. During the summer, expect lots of sun and warm temperatures. The humidity is not that bad, especially since there is usually a nice breeze.

For those that are looking to flee frozen winters, snow and terribly hot and humid summers, San Marino will definitely satisfy.


The government of San Marino is a republic and boasts having the oldest surviving written constitution. The constitution has been active since 1600, over 400 years old. The entire republic can be seen from the highest point in San Marino – atop Mount Titano. San Marino is a very quaint and cozy place and although its culture, people and customs are similar to Italians nearby, many expats do feel that they are far away from Italy.

The official language is Italian and its currency is the Euro, making San Marino feel almost like a city within Italy. In fact passing through from Italy to San Marino is extremely easy and has the same visa regulations as Italy.

For US citizens, this means you can visit San Marino for up to 90 days, after which you will need to exit and reenter the republic for a longer stay. There is no visa required and all that is necessary is a valid US Passport. The United States does not have an embassy in San Marino, however it does communicate via its Italian embassy.

You can find out more about San Marino at The Republic of San Marino or US Department of State: San Marino.

Tax System

In San Marino there is a corporate tax rate that is moderate with taxes subject to 24% of profit. There is also an individual income tax that is applied progressively, ranging from 12 to 50%. Besides individual and corporate taxes, there is also a Value Added Tax (VAT), mortgage tax, stamp duty and other small taxes.

Because of San Marino’s tax structure, it is no longer seen as a beneficial tax haven like Monaco or Liechtenstein. Many expats that choose to live in San Marino do so because of her beauty or because they live with a citizen.

Medical Care

Medical care in San Marino is adequate and there is a state hospital within the borders. All citizens of San Marion receive free health care; however for those tourists within her borders, if you are in need of care, you will not be denied and can usually pay out of pocket or with a tourist insurance policy.

For specialists or advanced procedures, you may want to venture out of San Marino into broader Italy or other parts of Europe; however San Marino’s healthcare is adequate and efficient.

Real Estate

The real estate market in San Marino is small but it is adequate for the population that resides in this small republic. There are currently about 8,000 homes or apartments and while new homes are built occasionally, the government is extremely concerned with the over construction in the republic.

Depending on the type of home, you should find moderate real estate prices in San Marino. Many homes can even cost less than those in certain parts of Italy nearby. Before purchasing a home, make sure you check with the government for any special requirements.


About 50% of San Marino’s income comes from tourists so you are sure to find everything you need including many luxuries. There are plenty of small shops and markets in San Marino and you can find plenty of fresh meats, cheeses and delicious wines.

For those that are looking for entertainment and night life, there are quite a few restaurants, cafes and some nightlife in the republic.

Cost of Living

For the most part, San Marino is relatively affordable to live in. For those that require real estate, property costs can be moderate. Shopping is moderate as well, but bargains can be found.

Extradition from San Marino

The Extradition treaty between San Marino and the United States of America was signed on January 10, 1906

The San Marino supplementary treaty was signed at Washington, October 10,1934

Map of San Marino