Expat Mauritius

For those looking for the ultimate in exotic locations; Mauritius could be it. Mauritius is located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean and has more than 90 miles of sandy beaches. It is considered to be part of the African continent and is one of the fastest growing and stable economies on the continent. Becoming an expat is usually a straightforward and simple process.


The Island of Mauritius generally has tropical climate conditions. It is usually warm all year round with plenty of sunshine. The average temperatures usually range from the 70’s to the 80’s with the coastline usually a few degrees cooler than inland. There is a rainy season which falls between January and March, but for the most part dry to humid air is the norm.

Mauritius is perfect for lovers of the sea with the third largest natural coral reef and plenty of lagoons and coves that are protected from the open ocean.


The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. It is considered to be part of the African continent, but is extremely stable and does have a growing economy. In fact, it is second in gross domestic product for countries that lie within Africa. English as well as French are spoken and there are many industries including tourism that have helped make this country thrive.

Visas are issued at the airport and you can request to stay for longer than a few weeks to several months. Residency applications are also usually easily obtained, however you are required to pass a background check and may need to receive specific vaccinations. You can find out more about Mauritius visa and residency requirements at the Embassy of the Republic of Mauritius.

Tax System

Mauritius is considered to have moderate tax rates. The top individual income tax rate is 30 percent. There is also a corporate income tax which tops out at 25 percent.

Besides income taxes there are other taxes including a Value Added Tax, transfer tax and various other duties.

Medical Care

Medical facilities and care are adequate, but may be limited in certain areas. For emergencies, medical assistance may also be limited. One advantage is that public hospitals provide free care, however most expats and tourists will probably choose to seek private care.

For serious illnesses and injuries, you will probably require medical evacuation. It is important to purchase medical insurance or a travel insurance policy that includes this provision.

Real Estate

Mauritius has a very favorable real estate market and the country as a whole is usually considered to be low risk compared to the rest of the continent of Africa. Foreigners are allowed to purchase real estate through the Permanent Residence Scheme, Integrated Resort Scheme or Scheme to Attract Professionals for Emerging Sectors. If you are interested in purchasing or investing in property on the island of Mauritius, it is first best to consult with a real estate lawyer.

Property costs are considered to be affordable to moderate with prices ranging from about $80K US to $350K US. If you are planning on renting or leasing a house, apartment or condo, rents can range from about $500 to several thousand depending on property and location.


Shopping in Mauritius has developed over the years. Today, you can easily find necessities as well as many luxury goods. While all goods must be imported, it may be hard to find specific items or brands.

For those seeking entertainment, the tourist and leisure industry is growing on the island. There are many restaurants to choose from, bars and some nightlife. For the most part, Mauritius is a haven for those that love the sea with plenty of locations to scuba dive and snorkel. You can also fish and boat throughout the island.

Cost of Living

The cost of living on Mauritius is considered to be low to moderate. Expect some items to be expensive including eating out and many types of goods. Housing is relatively affordable with prices starting at about $500 per month rent for a small apartment inland to several thousand dollars per month for a beachfront home.

Besides the above costs, entertainment can be expensive, especially since most services are targeted to tourists visiting the island. However, for those looking to live affordably, there are many bargains to be found and the climate and natural beautiful is beautiful and comfortable. If you are looking for one of the most exotic places on earth to call home, make sure not to miss out on Mauritius.

Extradition from Mauritius

The Extradition treaty between Mauritius and the United States of America was signed on December 22, 1931

This treaty was entered into force on June 24, 1935

Map of Mauritius