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Lithuania is one of the emerging success stories from the satellite regions of the Soviet Union. Lithuania has always strived to break free from the Soviet Union and was the first to do so in 1990. Today, Lithuania is becoming more and more like its western counterparts and this can be seen in its openness to investments and expats. If you are looking for an interesting place to live that is on the verge of an economic boom, Lithuania might be it.


Lithuania is about the size of West Virginia and has a maritime and continental climate. This means that while temperatures are moderate, winters can be wet and snowy and summers are cooler than most of the US. Expect temperatures in the 60’s for the summertime and around the freezing mark or in the twenties and teens during the wintertime. While the temperatures can be colder than many parts of Europe during the winter, for those living in the colder parts of the US, there is nothing to worry about, you will be more than comfortable.


The government of Lithuania is a parliamentary democracy. The capital city of Lithuania is called Vilnius. This capital tends to be a cosmopolitan and commercial center of Lithuania which has about 3.5 million people. The currency of Lithuania is the Lithuanian Litas and visa requirements are usually lax for those looking to invest in this emerging economy. You can find out more about visas, investments and other important information at the Latvian Embassy to the United States You can also contact the Embassy of the United States in Vilnius.

Tax System

The tax system is best described as being moderate. However, it should be noted that the corporate tax rate is far lower than many other countries in Europe. For individuals living and working in Lithuania, their income is taxed on a flat tax rate of 27%. Since the cost of living is very affordable in this country, generally speaking taxes are very favorable here for individual income. It should be noted that in January of 2008, income tax laws will change and the government will lower the flat tax rate to 24%.

For corporations, the highest tax rate is 15%, making it an attractive destination for corporate investment. Besides income and corporate tax, there is also a land tax, value added tax (VAT) and a road tax.

Medical Care

Medical care in Lithuania is described as being adequate. While many facilities are not as modern as the west, investment in infrastructure is slowly changing medical care and other public services. While there are no private hospitals in Lithuania, you will find many public hospitals that you can usually pay out of pocket for services.

In addition to public hospitals, there are a few private clinics that cater to foreigners, they obviously speak English and offer Western style medicine and style of care.

If you work for a company in Lithuania, you will usually be supplied with medical insurance, however if you are a come as you go expat, it is best to get an international travel insurance plan that includes a medical provision. Make sure to have a medical policy that includes medical evacuation. If you become seriously ill or injured, you will probably want to seek care in your home country.

Real Estate

Real estate in Lithuania is readily available and accessible to foreigners. While there are sometimes contractual disputes which the judicial system is not well equipped to handle in a timely manner, those looking to buy a home or lease a flat will not have a problem.

Most homes are very affordable and far lower in price than other parts of Europe. For apartments, you might not find the most modern apartments, but they will suit most expats just fine. Prices are usually low starting at about $400 and going up to about $1200 for a luxury apartment.

Buying a house can vary depending on location and type. However, with a small fortune, you can purchase a nice home or condo. If you are looking for a home away from the city, prices will be far less and cost next to nothing compared to US and Western European prices.


Shopping in Lithuania has changed over the last few years. More and more western products are available, especially since it joined the EU. While it is not considered one of the best shopping locations in the world, it does have all the necessities. Since Lithuania is close to many other EU countries, with only a few hours, you can reach major shopping hubs.

For expats looking for great entertainment and food, you will be pleased. While it should be noted that Lithuanians are very conservative, they can enjoy themselves. Food is very good and extremely affordable and there are even many ethnic foods available in the large cities. For those looking for a good pub, there are plenty to be found and the beer is very good and it should be noted that there are many brands to choose from.

Cost of Living

One of the major attractions to Lithuania is the low cost of living. While the cost of living has definitely increases especially since it has joined the EU and since the dollar has weakened, it should be noted that the necessities are still very reasonable.

For instance, it only costs a few hundred dollars per month for a decent apartment and if you are sharing a flat with your roommates, it will cost you next to nothing to live quite comfortably.

Food is also very affordable and restaurants are easily half the price of many restaurants in the states. If you are looking for hired help, you can find an abundance of workers with salaries that range from $3 and up per hour.

While the low cost of living is the major draw for many expats, the high quality of life and the beautiful surroundings of Lithuania adds to the appeal. If you are looking for an interesting place to spend a few years or even a lifetime, definitely check out Lithuania.

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Extradition from Lithuania

The Extradition treaty between Lithuania and the United States of America was signed at Kaunas, April 9, 1924

The Lithuania supplementary treaty was signed at Washington, May 17, 1934

A new Lithuania Extradition treaty was signed at Vilnius October 23, 2001

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