Expat Jersey

Jersey is as exotic as you get for those trying to stay within the UK’s borders. The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel and Jersey is the most southern of these islands. Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is closer to France than England. It is only 22 KM away from the North West coast of France, but over 140 KM south of England. While Jersey is considered a crown dependency and not theoretically part of England, it does swear its allegiance to the British Crown.

For those looking to pack your bags and become an expat in Jersey, it can be very difficult to say the least. While tourism is a big part of life on the island, becoming an expat is much more difficult. In fact, the government of Jersey would like to keep its population at about 85,000, more residents than this puts a strain on its resources and infrastructure. For those looking to live in Jersey it can be incredibly difficult.


Jersey is considered to have wonderful weather compared to the mainland of England. The winters are usually extremely mild and during the summer months, Jersey generally has the hottest climate in all of the UK. The sun is extremely strong in Jersey and those that are used to the UK’s climate should be prepared with plenty of sunscreen or a hat.

Many people venture to Jersey for the sun and it is said that you can find more sun in Jersey than anywhere else in the UK. There is over 250 hours of sun in Jersey and that is in the month of July alone, making Jersey a huge tourist attraction as well expat destination.


The island of Jersey is independent of the United Kingdom. The Channel Islands are governed by two separate Bailiwicks, one which is called the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the other the Bailiwick of Jersey. The Channel Islands are considered British crown dependencies, but they are not governed by the UK.

Jersey has its own currency, but it also accepts the British Pound, in fact in many areas there are ATM machines side by side, one distributing Jersey’s own currency, the other the British Pound. You can find out more about the government of Jersey at States of Jersey web site.

Tax System

Jersey has a very low tax rate and it is among the lowest in all of Europe, however with the money that Jersey collects, it uses wisely on infrastructure, services and care for the environment.

There is a flat income tax of 20% on the island and although there is no value added tax, a new goods and services tax may be put into action in 2008.

Medical Care

Health care is a priority in Jersey and the facilities in Jersey are usually more than adequate for most procedures. However, if you have a serious disorder or require specialized treatment, you may need to go to the mainland for care. If you are an expat that is working in Jersey, usually through your employer you will be able to acquire health insurance. For those that are considered tourists, make sure you have travelers insurance or have a health care plan back home to take care of unforeseen hospital expenses. While healthcare is not overly expensive in Jersey, due to the Pound, it can be very high for Americans.

Real Estate

Buying or investing in real estate in Jersey can be tricky and difficult. The government of Jersey has made it a priority of making it easier for those that live on the island to have greater access to home and apartments in Jersey. This means that tourists and those that are new to the island may have a very difficult time acquiring real estate or renting an apartment.

Housing prices are very high in terms of US dollars. For instance, the median home is about 360K GBR, which can be over $700K in US dollars when factoring in the currency exchange, making a moderate piece of property out of reach for many buyers.

If you are a long time resident or are working in Jersey for a legitimate company, you may have a much easier time finding a lower cost property. However for new expats and those that are considered tourists, expect a difficult time. If you have the budget or savings, you can always find tourist flat and homes that are available, but most don’t come cheap.


Since 25% or more of Jersey’s GDP comes from tourism, there are plenty of shopping and entertainment choices to be found. First off, you will find many tourist goods such as clothing, crafts and services. While you might not find everything you are looking for, for the most part you will be able to live very comfortably.

If you like to hang out in pubs or cafes, there will be many to choose from. Nightlife is also a big draw and during the summer and many holidays an influx of tourists make this island one of the most exciting places to be in the world. Besides the nightlife, pubs and shops, the natural beauty is the main draw for many expats. Jersey truly has it all for those looking for paradise near the UK.

Cost of Living

Since Jersey is a major tourist attraction and on the British Pound, the cost of living will be extremely high for Americans. For those with a good salary or savings, you can live very well and comfortable in Jersey and the quality of life is far above many other countries or island nations. For those that can afford to live in Jersey it can be an experience of a lifetime.

Map of Jersey