Expat Ireland

Ireland is one of the most popular places visited by American expats. Not only do many Americans have their roots in Ireland, but Ireland has a lot to offer tourists and expats choosing to stay on this wonderful island for many years.

Ireland has a rich history and culture. Many people love the way of life and of course the drinking culture. Ireland offers many expats plenty of opportunities, not only in culture, but in a bustling economy. Ireland has opened up its markets and is attracting lots of investments. Ireland has become one of the hottest places for new enterprises and entrepreneurs.


The climate in Ireland is usually stable temperature wise, but can change frequently. Rain and fog are very familiar sights and gray skies can sometimes be depressing. During the summer months, the temperature does rise and the sun is seen more often. December and January are usually the worst months of the year and usually bringing chilly rain with cloudy skies.

You can usually find more sun and drier skies in southeastern Ireland and northwestern Ireland usually brings more rain and showers.


Ireland is actually split in two. There is the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland has its own government and constitution. Northern Ireland is under the control of the United Kingdom. While this has created political instability in the past, the two sides have been working together to create a stable and peaceful existence.

For those looking to live and work in Ireland it is relatively very safe and stable for both life and business. It should be noted that in Northern Ireland, the currency is the British Pound, in the Republic of Ireland, the currency is the Euro.

You can find out more about Ireland at the Embassy of Ireland in Washington D.C.

Tax System

The tax system in Ireland is extremely favorable to business. In fact, for more than a decade Ireland has made inroads in attracting many businesses in several sectors to invest and settle down in Ireland.

The individual income tax in Ireland is very high. In fact, the highest rate for individual income tax is 42%. However, for corporations, the tax rate is one of the lowest in all of Europe. The tax rate for corporations’ peak at only 12%. Besides these taxes, there are also taxes on interest and a value added tax (VAT).

Medical Care

Medical care in Ireland is some of the finest found throughout the world. There are many private and publicly operated hospitals, as well as clinics and doctors offices. Besides these facilities, there is excellent emergency medical care available in the case of accident or sudden serious illness. Throughout Ireland an emergency number has been put into place (112). If you call this number via a cell phone, many times emergency medical services can track your location via your mobile phone’s GPS signal.

For those expats from America, it is important to set up health insurance with your employer or find out if your health insurance is valid in Ireland. If you are an expat looking to live in Ireland for a long period of time, there are health care insurance options available; you just need to contact the Voluntary Health Insurance Board. Besides excellent hospital care, dentists and pharmacies are available and easy to locate.

Real Estate

Buying and investing in real estate is simple and straight forward in Ireland. Contracts are upheld and any discrepancies are settled in the courts in a sufficient manner. Real estate is moderately priced in Ireland, however if you look hard, there are many bargains to be found. Whether you enjoy living on a farm, in a cottage, on the coast or in the city, you can find a home that fits your needs.

If you are looking to rent or lease, you can find property relatively easy. Prices again are moderate, however if you are a student, you can find very low prices for apartments by sharing a room with friends. Expect prices for renting a decent apartment to range from 600 to 1200 euros and living with friends to cost from 300 to 400 euros per month.


Shopping in Ireland has improved in recent years and today, you can find practically anything your heart desires. Not only are there many boutiques and cozy shops, but also large discount stores and even luxury shops available.

Besides shopping, there is plenty of entertainment including Pubs. Pubs are a way of life in Ireland and it seems that drinking Guinness is the national past time. Many people usually spend their free time in pubs talking and singing with friends. Besides the pubs, there are also cafes and quality restaurants. Many restaurants have popped up over the years making many cities in Ireland great towns to eat out at.

Besides the many things to do in town, many people love to hike and enjoy the coastline and small rolling hills of this beautiful island.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ireland is usually on average more expensive than the United States and being on the Euro in the Republic of Ireland makes it even more difficult for those with a small savings or budget. However, the quality of life in Ireland for many is well worth the extra expense.

Worth mentioning is that operating a vehicle is much more costly due to gas costs and for the most part housing is moderate to high in many desirable areas such as Dublin.

Extradition from Ireland

The Extradition treaty between Ireland and the United States of America was signed on October 13, 1983

This treaty was entered into force on December 15, 1984

Map of Ireland