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Cyprus is the third largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is South of Turkey and fairly close to Greece. While Cyprus has had political problems in recent decades, the island is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It attracts over 2 million people each year to enjoy the wonderful weather, warm sea water, and beautiful beaches.

Cyprus is divided into two main parts: the Republic of Cyprus, which is the island state that is in the south and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The two parts are separated by a UN controlled green line. While there are frequent political skirmishes, both parts of the island are safe for expats to visit and live in.


One of the biggest advantages of being an expat in Cyprus is the wonderful weather. Cyprus’ location in the Mediterranean causes the climate to be characterized by plenty of warm sunshine, dry summers, and mild winters. Cyprus experiences the most rainfall during the winter months. Cyprus has mountains with cold climates. In fact, during the winter months, a ski facility is opened on the Troodos Mountains when enough snow has fallen.

Temperatures can be very high during the summertime, with highs in the 80’s and sometimes in the 90’s. During the winter months, it is not that common for the temperature of land located at sea level to drop below the 50’s.


There are two separate states that are located on the island of Cyprus. The first is the Republic of Cyprus which is located in the southern end of the island. The Republic of Cyprus is internationally recognized. The second part of Cyprus is to the north and is called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This republic is only recognized by the state of Turkey. The two republics are split in two by a green line which the United Nations controls.

Most expats who want to live in Cyprus generally live in the south (Republic of Cyprus). Although there may be political skirmishes from time to time, Cyprus is generally a safe and stable island to live in.

Americans interested in visiting or living in Cyprus can stay in both the south and north part of the island for up to 90 days. More information about visa and residency requirements can be found at the Embassy of the United States in Nocisia or the Embassy of Cyprus in Washington D.C..

People who want to visit the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will find information about various offices at Cyprus.com > Government and Politics > Government > Embassies > North Cyprus. It should be noted that the United States does not legally recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Tax System

Many consider Cyprus to be an excellent place to invest or start a business in. Corporate income taxes are extremely low at only 10%. Individual income tax rates are moderate with the highest being 30%.

There are quite a few other taxes, which include a Value Added Tax (VAT) and a real estate tax.

Medical Care

Medical care in the Republic of Cyprus is extremely adequate and generally meets Western standards. In fact, many of the physicians that practice in Cyprus were trained in either the UK or the United States. There are many public hospitals, private hospitals, and clinics. The cost of healthcare in Cyprus is less than in the states, but equipment may be priced higher. Healthcare in the north of the island (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) lags behind in quality and infrastructure in comparison to the south.

Anyone planning to live on the island for an extended period should be able to purchase private insurance. Tourists should purchase international medical insurance or travel insurance with a medical component.

Real Estate

Purchasing real estate in Cyprus is straightforward. However, prospective buyers should seek the help of a real estate lawyer in case complications arise. Prospective buyers may be pleased to know that there are many real estate companies that cater to both US and UK citizens, which makes the experience much easier.

Renting or leasing an apartment in Cyprus is relatively affordable. Apartments and houses in popular areas cost less than they would in the states. Houses and apartments that are leased on short term bases can be much more expensive than in the states.

There are many expats in Cyprus. Although many are from the UK, a community of Americans is there as well. The cheapest way to enjoy the beautiful island and climate of Cyprus is by sharing an apartment or house with a few others. The savings from rent can be quite significant.


The Republic of Cyprus is a well developed country with bustling ports and infrastructure. It is extremely easy to find many necessities. However, because all goods are imported and the country is located in the Mediterranean Sea, there are certain goods that can be hard to find.

Cyprus has plenty of shops that cater to tourists. Finding nice clothes, luxury goods, and other items that might interest tourists is fairly easy. Certain items are much more difficult to locate in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and their quality may be different from those found in the south.

There is plenty of entertainment on the island. Visitors can easily find lots of wonderful restaurants, clubs, and pubs. In fact, Cyprus is known for its legendary nightlife and most party goers come to Cyprus to enjoy the summer months. In addition, many foreigners own summer homes in Cyprus and return year after year, making Cyprus one of the most popular expat destinations.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Cyprus is very low and this is one of the reasons that Cyprus enjoys a large expat population. Housing, most restaurants, and entertainment are affordable. Prices get higher in the peak season as there is an influx of visitors.

The Republic of Cyprus has been on the top of many expats’ lists for decades because of its high quality of life and miriad of entertainment choices. Anyone looking for a beautiful Mediterranean climate, delicious food, and beautiful beaches, should definitely visit Cyprus.

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Extradition from Cyprus

The Extradition treaty between Cyprus and the United States of America was signed on June 17, 1996

This treaty was entered into force on September 14, 1999

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