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Individuals who are looking for a different way of life should visit Bangladesh. While Bangladesh might not offer the glitz and glamour of other countries, those looking for grounded, friendly people and want to make a difference, should consider becoming an expat here.

Bangladesh is not for the materialistic as it is a poor country. However, anyone looking for interaction, culture, and community, will get their desires met in Bangladesh.


The climate in Bangladesh is far different from what most westerners are accustomed to. Bangladesh is known for its tropical monsoon climate. This means that part of the year is very sunny and dry, while the other part experiences terrible rains. The dry season lasts from November to February. January is the coolest month of the year with temperatures ranging from the 60’s to 70’s, and cool nights in the high 50’s. The temperature can rise to around 100 degrees in the hottest part of the year. The rainy season lasts from June to September and there are usually about 60 inches of rainfall in most of the country every year.

Visitors should expect to get wet during the rainy season. While umbrellas and a light raincoat will prevent people in the US from getting soaked, this is not the case in a Bangladesh torrential downpour. One way to minimize the wetness is to wear fabrics such as cotton that dry quick. During the coolest winter months, a light sweater is recommended at night.


Bangladesh is officially called the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The state of India borders Bangladesh to the north, east, and west and Burma (now called Myanmar) is to the south.

Bangladesh has a parliamentary representative democrat framework and has been independent since 1971. Although it is easy to visit Bangladesh, a number of obstacles may arise if one decides to stay long term. The government requires a visa, passport, and a fee to enter the country. However, rules do change quite often so check with the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington D.C. Information can also be found at this US Department of State Foreign Entry Requirements page.

Bangladesh is one of the largest Islamic countries in the world. Most Bangladesh citizens are a part of the Sunni sect of Islam, but the people are very friendly and accommodating.

Tax System

Most expats do not usually choose Bangladesh to start a business as their market is not as open as others are. Tariffs are extremely high and the government is very protective of many industries and monetary lending. Bangladesh’s tax rates are moderately high with an income tax of up to 25%and corporate taxes of almost 30%. There is also a value added tax (VAT), property tax, and interest tax.

A US citizen who wishes to file his/her taxes as someone living abroad can locate information on the IRS’s International Taxpayer page.

For more information regarding tax rules, it is best to contact the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington D.C.

Medical Care

In poor countries such as Bangladesh, health care facilities are generally not up to par with Western standards. Before going to Bangladesh, a visitor should get a thorough medical examination. Any serious or moderate health problems is cause to delay the trip. Prospective visitors can contact the Bangladesh embassy to find out all the essential documents and vaccinations necessary before entering the country. Also, one can find out health information at Virtual Bangladesh: Visitor’s Health Requirements.

The water in Bangladesh is usually not potable. So, before the water is consumed, used to brush teeth, make ice, etc. it has to be boiled or bottled water should be used instead.

Real Estate

Most expats do not come to Bangladesh to invest in property because property rights are not that established or transparent. Purchasing property for investment purposes is not advised. Perhaps the best place to live if one plans to reside in Bangladesh is in an apartment, dorm or with friends. Many apartments are available in the main cities, however these apartments lack most of the amenities that are available in the US. In a few select places, there are modern apartment buildings being built. These apartments are usually more affordable than in the states, but much more expensive than traditional housing in Bangladesh.


Some of the joys of Bangladesh iclude the wonderful people and their culture. Expats find plenty of wonderful crafts and goods at the many local markets. Although Western-style shopping is available, long term Bangladesh residents’ interest generally lie with the people, not  material goods.

Cost of Living

Most people can enjoy Bangladesh because the cost of living is extremely low. However, the infrastructure is not as modern or in as good shape as the West. Apartments, food, and basic items are extremely affordable in Bangladesh. However, western products are generally more expensive than in the US, due to the cost of importing goods and tariffs.

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