Expat Anguilla

Anguilla is the perfect destination for those looking for a warm beach environment to call home. Anguilla is a small, underpopulated island in the Caribbean Sea. Although this island is primarily a tourist haven, it offers expats the perfect paradise for a long term vacation getaway.


Anguilla has a tropical climate. Therefore, temperatures are usually warm and the humidity rates are generally low in the summer. The average temperature year round ranges between 80 and 86 degrees. The amount of rainfall that Anguilla experiences varies, but its averages about 35 inches per year. Anguilla experiences the most rainfall in the fall, but the heaviest rain is in September and October. The late winter to early spring months (February to March) are the driest part of the year. Like most other Caribbean islands, Anguilla is vulnerable to hurricanes. The hurricane season lasts from June to November, with summer and early fall being the worst time of year for hurricane threats.

The water is beautiful, blue, and clear and its temperature is quite warm and pleasant for all types of water sports and boating.


Anguilla’s government is classified as an internally self governing overseas territory of the UK. Anguilla primarily governs itself, but the UK assists them with foreign affairs, defense, etc. Anguilla’s currency is the East Caribbean Dollar. The US Dollar, credit, and debit cards are also widely accepted there. The island has a small population of only 13,000 people and the primary language is English.

Since the population is very small, it may be difficult for Americans to work on the island or become legal residents. However, anyone who is looking for a short term retreat will have no difficulty entering Anguilla. The process is quite simple as only a passport is required. You can find out more information about Anguilla at The Official Website of the Government of Anguilla.

Tax System

For those looking for a tax haven close to the US, Anguilla might be the perfect choice. Anguilla is a neutral tax jurisdiction as there are no income taxes for either individuals or corporations. In addition, there is no value added tax, GST, capital gains or inheritance tax. For this reason, financial service professionals should consider having a base in Anguilla.

Although becoming an Anguillan resident is difficult, residency requirements are relaxed for certain professionals interested in creating a financial enterprise there.

Medical Care

Anguilla’s small size and population has resulted in severe limitiations on its medical facilities. There is one hospital and several clinics scattered throughout Anguilla. Most expats, tourists, and residents are evacuated to the US. if they are seriously injured or ill. Anyone going to Anguilla should ensure that their health insurance coverage is accepted there. If not, one may consider purchasing a travel insurance plan with a medical component or paying out of pocket.

Real Estate

The real estate industry in Anguilla is straightforward. Expats who are interested in buying property must first acquire an Alien Land Holders license. Licenses are granted only after applicants complete a form and the government does a background and criminal check.

Homes in Anguilla are quite expensive because the island is small and there simply is not much land to spare. A small 2 to 3 bedroom home can cost $400,000 or more. Many homes cost well above one million dollars. Even condos may cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Expats who only want to live on the island for a short period of time should consider renting or leasing a home or apartment. Since this island caters to tourists, prices may be higher than the United States or Europe.


There is not much shopping to do in Anguilla. Fortunately, St. Martin is only 20 minutes away so expats can easily go there to shop. St. Martin is a popular shopping destination because of its duty free shopping regulations.

Necessities are readily available on the island, but this is not the case for household items. Most shops are small and cater to tourists.

Anguilla has many restaurants, clubs, bars, and water sports available. Anyone who loves to fish, boat or scuba dive will consider Anguilla a real treat.

Cost of Living

Anguilla’s cost of living is usually rated as moderate to high. The cost of real estate is astronomical and renting property is not very affordable. Anguilla’s many restaurants and entertainment are all geared toward tourists on vacation, making prices higher than usual. For those expats seeking the sun, sand, and a tax free haven to live in, Anguilla might be it.

Extradition from Anguilla

The laws of extradition from Anguilla are set by the Extradition Treaty Between the Government of the United Stats of America and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Map of Anguilla