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Andorra is a small principality hidden in a tiny valley between France and Spain. It is one of the smallest self governed areas in the world and was unknown to many in Europe for most of its history.

Today, Andorra has a thriving tourist economy and is considered a world class tax haven for the wealthy. Andorra offers a lot to those who would like to visit or live within her borders. Andorra currently boasts a life expectancy rate of 83 years of age, the highest in the world!


Andorra has a temperate climate. It has warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Precipitation is common throughout the year. Andorra is known for skiing and the ski season lasts from November to April. The months of May through September are warm and comfortable with highs in the 80’s. Temperatures stay mostly within the 70’s at this time of the year.


Andorra is located in a valley in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. Although tucked away, Andorra is relatively easy to locate as it only takes a few hours drive to get there from parts of France or Barcelona.

Andorra is a stable and secure place to live and work. It is a thriving tourist destination and a tax haven for the wealthy. For those who would like to live in Andorra, the process is extremely straightforward and in many cases easy. American citizens only need a passport to enter Andorra. They can stay in Andorra for up to 90 days before they must exit, get their passport stamped, and reenter. You can find out more information about visa and residency requirements at the Andorra Ministry of Tourism.

Tax System

Andorra is known to the very wealthy as a tax haven. In Andorra there is no income, capital gains, or inheritance tax. However, employees are required to contribute to the national insurance program.

Andorra is also a great place to shop as most imported goods are duty free. Goods that attract duties are still quite affordable as duties only rise into the single digits. This is unlike most other European countries. There is a small property tax levied on both owned and rented property.

In order to establish a business in Andorra, one must create an Andorran entity. An employee of an Andorran business entity pays no income or corporate tax.

Medical Care

Andorra’s medical system is more than adequate. There is a well developed health care infrastructure, well trained physicians, and a well trained support staff. Andorra has a health and social security system called CASS. This system provides health care to all its residents and employees. Employers contribute about 13% per employee while employees contribute 6 to 9% of the cost. A self-employed Andorran resident usually pays 18% of his/her earnings for medical care and social security.

Real Estate

Purchasing real estate in Andorra is a straightforward and simple process. However, there are specific guidelines that foreigners must follow. For instance, a single individual that is classified as a foreigner can only purchase one dwelling. Corporations are not allowed to purchase real estate, only individuals. A citizen or Andorran resident of more than 20 years may acquire as many properties as desired without restrictions. The term property is defined as a home, condo, or land that you wish to develop.

Property in Andorra can be quite expensive. Normal two to three bedroom homes cost between $300,000 to $700,000. Houses in the high-end market cost over one million US dollars.

Many smaller size chateaus are built mainly for tourists that come to ski. These dwellings are usually about 500 to 700 square feet. However, they are great bargains at about $100,000 per unit.

Many apartments are available for rent. These apartments are even available to tourists who are seeking short-term accommodations.


Shopping in Andorra is a pleasure. Millions of people come to Andorra each year to enjoy the many attractions and the wonderful shopping available. Because Andorra does not have a value added tax and products are generally duty free, many brand name and luxury items cost far less than they would in either Spain or France. It should be noted that there is a small duty on items such as cigarettes and spirits.

Cost of Living

Andorra is definitely a great place for expats to spend time. The cost of living is actually lower than that of the United States and most of Western Europe. The low duty and large tourist population keep the economy strong, thereby making life in Andorra quite affordable.

While housing is the most expensive part of life in Andorra, food, wine, and necessities are quite affordable when compared to that of its neighbors Spain and France. Additionally, Andorra has many local markets that sell goods at bargain prices. For a high quality of life at a low cost, take a look at Andorra.

Andorra Extradition

Andorra has no extradition treaties in effect.

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