Expat Alderney

Anyone who is interested in living in the Channel Islands should definitely consider Alderney. Alderney is considered a British dependency. That is to say, even though Britain protects and conducts affairs for the island, it has its own government. The island is relatively small at 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, it is the most northern of the Channel Islands, and the third largest. The island has a low permanent population of only 2400 people. This makes it extremely difficult for expats to live on the island permanently. However, expats may be invited to the island for specific jobs. St. Anne is Alderney’s only town. Many essential services such as schools, post office, hotels, restaurants, banks, and small shops can be found there.

For the most part, Alderney is a quiet island where one can relax and enjoy the calm, beautiful sea. Many people come to Alderney to retire or to enjoy a quiet vacation. However, those who are looking for a little more excitement also have a place in Alderney. There are a few night clubs and a decent nightlife, especially during the summer.


Alderney’s climate is considered mild in comparison to the UK’s. Generally speaking, it is warm in the summer time and temperatures reach a high of about 80 degrees. Constant sunny days between the months of April and October allow visitors to tan at their whim. The winter months are much cooler, but not as cold as the UK. For most travellers or expats, the climate in Alderney is quite comfortable.


The government of Alderney is a self governing democracy that is considered a British dependency. The British government protects Alderney and handles foreign affairs, while the local government controls everything else on the island. UK citizens do not need a passport or visa to enter Alderney. Americans need a passport, but do not need a visa. Prospective permanent residents have to apply for residency. Acquiring permanent residence is quite difficult as residential structures and island resources are quite low. You can find out more about Alderney at States of Alderney: Government.

Tax System

Like many other Channel Islands, the tax rate in Alderny is very favorable. There is no VAT (value added tax) which is great for tourists and expats alike. Individual income tax is a flat rate of 20% and there are many favorable deductions available for residents. There is a flat tax rate of 20% for corporations doing business in Alderney. There is no capital tax, inheritance tax, or tax on trusts with beneficiaries that live off the island. For more information about taxes in Alderney, please visit States of Alderney: Taxation.

Medical Care

While the island of Alderney is small and has a very small population, medical care is adequate and there are several medical facilities on the island including a hospital, dentist, clinic, and pharmacy. For Alderney residents, health care is generally free. There is a fee attached to seeing a GP and for purchasing pharmaceutical drugs. Visitors and tourists usually have to pay out of pocket for service. However, as per an agreement between the UK and Alderney, UK citizens can receive treatment for the same cost as Alderney residents. Persons with serious illnesses or injuries are normally taken to England or France for full medical treatment.

Real Estate

Even with its very small size and population, Alderney is possibly the easiest Channel Island to purchase property (commercial or residential) on. People from the UK have no restrictions as far as buying property is concerned. In fact, anyone from the European Union can purchase property fairly easily. If you are an American citizen, you will have to petition the court and the Lt. Governor to purchase property.


Alderney’s relatively small size and population restricts its ability to provide a large selection of goods and services. However, for those who simply require basic goods and services, good food, and entertainment Alderney definitely fits the bill. Quite a number of restaurants, pubs, and clubs are on the island, and you can even find a 9 hole golf course there. For those who love to shop, there are a few boutiques and other small shops that sell the necessities. Food and necessities are a bit more expensive on the island since most items are imported.

Facilities such as a conference center, print shop, and commercial office space are available for those who plan to do business in Alderney.

Cost of Living

Alderney accepts British pounds and their own currency is pegged to the pound. This means that the cost of living in Alderney is higher than that of the United States and most of Europe. However, anyone who intends to visit Alderney should not be dissuaded by this. Visiting an island with a comfortable climate and wonderful charm most certainly compensates for the high cost of living.

Map of Alderny