UAE Jobs

The UAE is the perfect place for expats who are looking for good job opportunities. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are some of the most popular destinations that attract job seekers from all around the world. The UAE economy is mostly based on oil; it is one of the most developed economies in this region. Many expats live and work there. You can visit  the Expat Forum  to get more information about living in this part of the world.

One of the best ways to find a job in the UAE is to use the Internet. Many websites are specialized in jobs in the Middle East. Some of these are:

Dubai Jobs for Americans
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Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is probably the most popular place for job seekers. This exotic spot has many expats working there. Working in Dubai will be a great experience, because you will meet people coming from many different countries and cultures.

Jobs in the UAE


This economy relies on the oil industry. This is why engineers are in high demand. Mechanical, material, electrical and civil engineers have good chances of finding a job.

To see job opportunities, visit  Learn 4 Good.

Professors and Teachers

Many English-speaking families live in the United Arab Emirates. English-speaking teachers are needed to work with children of expats in this country.

To see job opportunities, visit  Teach Away. Read more about   the benefits, requirements and salaries.

Medical staff

Doctors and other medical staff are in demand. To see job opportunities in health care, visit  Learn 4 Good.


The number of IT companies is growing, and the demand for professionals in the area of Information technology is high. Specialized programming and in-depth knowledge of software are needed.

Visit  IT Jobs Dubai  for more information.

What to Think about

Cost of Living

The potential to earn money may be high, but  the cost of living  is high as well. Some of the cities are known to be luxurious and expensive – Dubai is just one good example.


The United Arab Emirates has no income tax for non-residents and married couples. As the UAE does not tax your individual income, many of the local taxes are exempt as well.

Salaries in Dubai  are similar to those in Abu Dhabi, but there are certain differences.

Culture and Customs

Although there are many foreigners living in this country, you must be aware of cultural differences between the Middle East and America. Before you start looking for a job, learn as much as you can about the   customs and lifestyle of the UAE.