Tour Guide Employment

Tour guide jobs are interesting and dynamic. There are different types of tour guide jobs, but all tour guides have something in common: they all work with people and their job is to lead travelers on different kinds of tours. Tour guides can lead groups or individuals. Tours can be short and last only one day, or they can last for several days or weeks. Some tour guides work alone, but most of them work for specialized companies that provide these services.

Before you start looking for a job in this field, you should think about several things:

• Do you want to work only in one city, or you want to travel to other places?

• Will your tours be set, or you will be more flexible, and take tourists to the places they want to see?

• How many hours a day do you want to work?

• Will your services be general, or you will offer just one type of tour?

• In most cases, these choices are made by the company. Still, many tour guides can decide about these things on their own and start doing the job alone.

The Requirements

• Tour guides must always be capable of providing safety to clients. In different areas, “safety” has different meaning.

• You have to be a good communicator. You must speak whatever language is necessary for communication with your clients.

• You must be able to deal with unpredicted situations. Your clients will be visiting places they have never been to, and many unexpected things can happen. You have to be prepared for such situations.

• You need to have knowledge in the field you want to work in. For example, some tour guides must have a degree in arts or history.

• Asking other tour guides about their experience is always a good idea. Do this before you decide whether to apply for this job.

Different Tour Guide Jobs

Nightlife Tour Guide – to do this job, you need to know all about hot spots, like clubs, discos, etc. You have to be dynamic and patient, but you must be able to control the situation at all times! This is different from your regular night out!

Adventure Tour Guide – this job requires a lot of energy and physical strength. Activities like mountain climbing or parachuting will be a part of your job.

Nature Tour Guide – to do this job, you need to have certain knowledge, when it comes to wildlife and plants.

Historical Tour Guide – to become a historical tour guide, you will need a degree in history.