Teach English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is a great opportunity to travel, to learn more about different cultures and to earn some money. Today, many countries need English teachers. Korea, China, Spain, Poland, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan are just some of the countries where you can work. If you love discovering new cultures and meeting new people, teaching English abroad will be a perfect job for you. Of course, you need to have a certificate and you must fulfill certain requirements. Even if you find only a temporary job, this can be a good starting point. Many people succeed in finding permanent employment in schools abroad.

What Are the Requirements for Teaching English Abroad?

Most countries require a work visa, but some countries may allow you to teach English, even if you have a regular tourist visa. Visa requirements vary; when you decide where you want to live and work, find more information on the country and its policies.

Preparations for visa include submitting copies of your diploma and other certificates, the copy of your passport, and a certificate from the police (of your home country).

Teaching English in Europe

In Europe, opportunities to teach English are available to the EU citizens. However, there are countries that hire teachers without EU passports. To teach English in Europe, you must have  TEFL  or  TESOL  certificates.

Teaching English in China and Japan

People who have a degree in English certainly have more chances of getting hired, but people who don’t have a degree can also work in some schools in China and Japan. Universities and colleges will require a master’s degree.

Teaching English in the Middle East

Many people work as  English teachers in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Yemen and UAE. The requirements usually include  DELTA  or  CELTA  certificates.

Teaching English in Latin America

In  Latin America, it is possible to get a job without a work visa. Teachers with a degree in English have more chances to find a good job, but you can still teach English, even if you don’t have a degree.

The Most Popular Destinations for English Teachers

China is certainly one of the most popular destinations for people who want to teach English abroad.

Brazil can offer you a job opportunity, but getting a visa may take some time.

If you want to go to Italy, you can complete a TESOL certification program online, and the school may help you find a job.

Other popular destinations include  RussiaSouth Korea , and  Mexico.