Tax Information Exchange Agreements

Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) can be described as agreements between two countries, made in order to regulate tax information sharing. To get any information, a country has to make a formal request, duly signed by the competent authority. Tax exchange information always requires strict confidentiality.

TIEA agreements are normally used by countries with “worldwide” tax systems in order to gather information from countries with territorial tax systems.

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) uses TIEA to circumvent privacy and bank secrecy laws of other countries, and collect information on U.S. taxpayers (or those who are trying to avoid taxation).

List of Countries That Have TIEA with U.S.A

Some of the countries that have signed Tax Information Exchange Agreements with the United States include:

• Aruba
• Panama
• Monaco
• Liechtenstein
• Isle of Man
• Guernsey
• Netherlands Antilles
• British Virgin Islands
• Bahamas
• Cayman Islands
• The Channel Islands
• Antigua and Barbuda