Surgery Centers Overseas

Medical tourism has become very popular. Most people decide to travel to a foreign country to have a treatment or surgery, because the costs are lower. Medical tourism can also offer you more options. Certain surgical procedures can’t be done in some countries, which is another reason to travel abroad for a surgery. Sometimes, medical treatments are incredibly expensive, and it is impossible to receive them in your home country.

Disadvantages of Medical Tourism

There are many advantages of medical tourism, but there are also certain disadvantages to be aware of. The first one is related to insurance laws. In some cases, your medical insurance can’t cover you completely (this will depend on the type of procedure, and the type of your insurance).

If you have a surgery in a foreign country, it will be very expensive to visit your doctor for regular checks. For this reason, many people decide to stay in the foreign country until they recover. However, some procedures require long recovery, and you will have to make arrangements for your postoperative recovery on your own.

If you are traveling abroad for a major surgery, it will be better to take someone with you. This will increase the total cost, because you will have to pay for two hotel rooms and book flights for two people.

Surgery Centers in Foreign Countries

Many Americans choose to travel to countries like Singapore, India or Thailand to have surgery. Some surgeries are unaffordable in the United States, which is why most people decide to travel abroad.

India is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists. According to Wockjardt Hospital Group (Mumbai) statistics, the number of the U.S. citizens seeking care in India has increased by forty-five percent during the last couple of years.

What Are the Most Popular Medical Tourism Destinations?

• India: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai are the most popular medical centers for foreigners.

Costa Rica: San Jose is the most popular spot for medical tourists.

Singapore: this country has one of the best health care systems in the world (according to the World Health Organization).

Brazil: Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre, and Rio are some of the most popular medical tourism places in the country.

Hungary: Budapest is certainly the biggest medical tourism center, but other small towns also have many medical facilities. Many Europeans come to Hungary for dental care.

South Korea: Daegu and Busan are the most attractive destinations for medical tourists.