Study Italian Abroad

There are several good reasons to study Italian abroad. In fact, if you want to learn any language, the best way to do it is to live in the country where that language is spoken. Italian is a beautiful language. This country is one of the most developed countries in Europe and it certainly has a lot to offer! People from all around the world come to visit Italy and see some of its famous spots. You will enjoy delicious Italian food, beautiful architecture, fashion events, sport events and great music.

Different Types of Courses

There are several courses you can complete, but the most popular are:

General courses
Long-term courses
Professional courses

Student Visas

• According to the  Italian law , students who come to the country to study Italian for more than ninety days must have a student visa.

• If you are an EU citizen and want to stay in Italy for less than ninety days, you won’t need a visa. Until recently, American students needed a visa if they wanted to stay in Italy for less than three months, but this has changed, and visas are no longer required.

• Sometimes, the process of getting a visa can take time. You should apply as soon as possible. If you are not a citizen of the EU (or the U.S.), you should visit the Italian Consulate in your country and ask about the application process. You must know that your visa won’t be issued right away. This can take two months.

• You need to prove that you have a place to stay in Italy. You also need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay.

• A student visa is given for the duration of your course.

• You will need two photographs, the application form, passport (and one copy of the page that has your personal information), a manuscript for the Italian Consulate which will explain that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay; you will also need a letter of acceptance from the university where you will be studying.

• If you can’t afford to study in Italy, you can find a sponsor. In that case, your sponsor will have to confirm this, and the statement will be submitted along with other documents.

• Make photocopies of all of your documents.

Here are several schools in Italy:

Italian in Rome
Italian in Milan
Italian in Siena
Italian Design Summer Courses in Italy

You can also study Italian in other countries. The process of getting a student visa will depend on which country you choose. Italy is certainly the best choice for people who want to learn this language, but there are many great  schools in other countries.