Skilled Occupations Abroad

In most cases, people want to live abroad because they believe their lifestyle will be improved. To live a normal life, you need to find a job, regardless of what country you are living in.

The most important question will be what does the government of the country you want to live in can get from you? The answer to this question is quite simple: if you want to move to some country, you need to have the skills they need there.

Americans have one great advantage: their first language is English. However, if you speak any other language, besides English, you will have even more chances to find a job abroad.

Skill Lists

To get any kind of job, you will have to have work experience and proper education in that specific field. You should read the skill list made by the government of the country you want to work in. In fact, this is the best way to find a job abroad! Read the skill lists of several countries. See if there is any opportunity for you, and apply for jobs that match your education and work experience.

In some countries, they require that you have work experience in jobs that are on the List of Skills that lasted from 12 months to two years. Some countries won’t give you an opportunity to work there if you don’t have this job experience.

Here are several examples:

Australian Immigration Skilled Occupation List
UK National Shortage Occupation List
Long Term Skill Shortage List New Zealand

What to Think about Before Choosing a Job Abroad

Before you choose a particular job offer overseas, analyze the job requirements. See if you really fulfill all of these. If you still want to do that particular job, you can improve your skills and get more education and training!

You should talk to people who live in the country you want to work in. They will tell you all about lifestyle, cost of living, possible problems, advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t have any friends there, you can visit some of the forums. People will tell you about their experience, and that will help you make your decision.