Recruiting from Overseas

Many companies recruit staff from overseas, for a variety of reasons. Globalization has led to greater mobility and lower travel expenses, which is a good thing for people who are looking for job opportunities overseas, and it is also good for companies who want to hire foreign professionals.

Researches show that many organizations in the UK recruit staff from overseas. This is definitely a positive sign for the overseas recruitment market. Nearly 42% of the employers in the UK have increased their overseas recruitment considerably in the past few years and the numbers are still growing. Since the market has become global, it is important to recruit from overseas in order to meet the needs of the customers in different countries. For example, a company may recruit personnel from China if it has projects in that country. Since Chinese professionals are familiar with the laws of their own country, they will be able to provide considerable help.

Why Do Companies Hire Foreign Workers?

Having people with international experience in your team is very important. In fact, most employers say that the best managers are those who are able to work with people from different countries and cultures.

Most people wrongly believe that the United States recruits from overseas to reduce the costs. This is not true. Companies that hire foreign staff are not allowed to reduce the wages for foreign workers. “Imported” workers have to be paid properly – in other words, above a minimum annual salary.

The U.S. Immigration Department has strict rules and substantial penalties. If you want to recruit from overseas, you need to be familiar with the U.S. labor laws and regulations. You can hire a company specialized in this field to help you, but make sure the company is reputable and reliable. In case of any error, you will have serious problems, as an employer who broke the law.

How to Hire Foreign Workers

Hiring foreign workers is a process that involves several agencies within the U.S. Department of Labor, the Department of State, the Immigration Services, and the State Department of Labor.

The purpose of certification programs is to assure that hiring foreign workers in the United States won’t have bad effects on working conditions, wages and job opportunities for American workers. Certification programs allow the employer to hire workers from foreign countries for temporary or permanent jobs, but only if the employer can prove that there are insufficient qualified workers in the United States available (or willing) to work at prevailing wages for certain job positions.

Visit the U.S. Department of Labor to find  certification forms  and learn more about the process of  hiring foreign workers.