Overseas Security Jobs

There are different types of security jobs. Whether you are a security professional or a corporate officer, you can find great opportunities to do security jobs in foreign countries. Before you start looking for a job, visit some forums and talk to other people who already have experience in doing security jobs overseas.

Different Types of Security Jobs

Contract – this means that a person will be working for some private security agency that protects numerous locations (sometimes even hundreds of them).

In-house – this means that a person is employed by the company he is protecting, like a casino, or a mall.

Private Patrol Officers – these officers protect many client premises, and use patrol vehicles.

Public Security – in some countries, they are called “special police”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Security Jobs

One of the greatest advantages is certainly high demand for security professionals. The number of positions is growing, and people who are looking for jobs in this field have great chances of getting hired. This will also increase the odds for people who are not happy with their current jobs to move to some other job in this field.

This field offers great starting points. People who get hired always attend training courses, and this experience is something you will be able to use when you move to any other security company. You will also get the opportunity to constantly learn new things, and this can help you get better job positions.

This job is all about helping others. A security job allows you to really make a difference! You will have great responsibility. Your job will be to take care of other people’s safety.

Of course, there are certain disadvantages you have to be aware of.

When you start working, you will probably have a low-paying position. Security guards just can’t earn much in the beginning. This is the first level, and the salaries are lower. To get more money, you need to improve your skills, learn more and work hard. Then you will be given an opportunity to apply for a better-paying position.

Another disadvantage of this job is high risk. You can be in danger, because a part of your job is to prevent something bad from happening to other people. This means that bad things can actually happen to you. However, with proper training, you will be able to avoid high-risk situations and protect everyone, including yourself.

What Are the Requirements?

Security clearance  is one of the most important documents you need to have.

• In some countries, candidates are required to be 24 and older, to have GED (or High school education), must be able to speak, write and read English, and must fulfill physical and medical requirements.

• People who have at least five years of military experience may have even better chances of getting a job.

• Being familiar with particular security procedures will be considered an advantage.

• Having the knowledge of detectors, alarms and other security systems will be another great advantage for people who want to find a security job overseas.