Overseas Jobs for Americans

America is struggling with high unemployment rates. Many people are frustrated with being unemployed or settling for low-paying jobs. For this reason, many Americans are looking for overseas jobs, hoping to earn more money and more work experience. Finding an overseas job is not so simple; it requires a lot of persistence, energy and time.

Why Should Americans Look for Jobs Overseas?

Many people will agree that current trends in the economy of the United States are not so great. Finding a job in some other country may be a solution for some American citizens. Americans have another great advantage: English is their first language. Those who speak other languages besides English, have even more chances to find a job in a foreign country.

Overseas Jobs Myths

Many Americans still believe in certain myths about overseas jobs. Some of these myths are related to work permits and visas. Being an American citizen won’t help you avoid all the paperwork! You will have to go through the regular process of getting a visa, and this may take some time. You can look for some advice online, but when it comes to legal issues,  it will be wise to consult a professional.

Second, many people wrongly believe that if they get a job in a country with “universal health care”, they won’t have to worry about health insurance.Universal health care means that all members of society are covered by the country’s health care system, including the financial aspect. However, there are different types of universal health care systems, and they vary, depending on a particular country. In Italy, United Kingdom, and Spain, the government is deeply involved in the health care system. The services are based on the residence. Other countries have different systems, mostly based on contributory insurance rates (depending on one’s salary).

Living and working overseas is not for everyone. Some people find it very hard to get used to a new country, culture, language, etc. Many of them miss their families and friends, and this can be a problem. To qualify for the federal tax benefits, you need to spend at least one year outside of the United States. Some people are not ready to separate from their families to get the federal tax benefits.

Tips for Finding Overseas Jobs

Your resume is your first step towards finding a job. Make sure to update your resume and include details that can be relevant to the job you are applying for. In fact, you should have several versions of your resume, each one made for a different job application. You cannot use the same resume for applying for different types of jobs.

Learn more about the countries you want to live and work in. Get some information on lifestyle, culture, health care, cost of living, political situation, economy and law. If you are planning to work in a distant country, think twice. This means that you won’t be able to travel to the U.S. frequently.

The process of finding a job in a foreign country will be much easier if the company you are applying at has a branch in the United States. You will get some help from their employees, and this can save you a lot of time and energy.

What Types of Jobs Are Available Overseas?

In countries like Japan, South Korea and Singapore, there are great job opportunities in the financial sector and IT sector. China is also one of the countries that have a lot to offer to foreign professionals. The Middle Eastern countries are still the most attractive destinations for American job seekers.

If you are interested in working in Singapore, you can visit  Monster or Jobstreet.

For those who want to work in Japan, Jobs in Japan and DaiJob will be helpful.

China – You can visit the website of  the U.S. embassy and see if there are any job opportunities. Teaching English is just one of the great options for Americans who want to work in China.

You can learn more about job opportunities for Americans if you visit  InterNations.

Bayt  is another good website to visit.

How Should an American Apply for Overseas Jobs?

The most popular method to find a job overseas is to apply directly at the company, or through an employment agency. Recruitment agencies may have better insight into job opportunities; however, these agencies are motivated by getting paid by the companies that hire them, and they won’t always succeed in finding the best job for a job seeker. On the other hand, applying at some company can sometimes be difficult and frustrating for a job seeker. Perhaps it will be wise to use both methods.