Offshore Recruiters

A common misconception among people who are looking for offshore jobs is that one has to be an engineer to get a job. Although there are many of job positions for engineers, there are also job opportunities for cooks, clerks, general deck hands (also known as roustabouts), and others. If you are looking for a job in this field, hiring offshore recruiters can be a good idea.

What Do Recruiters Do?

Recruitment agencies help job seekers find jobs, and they also help employers find the best candidates for various jobs. The recruitment agency will inform you of job opportunities that match your education, and they can also submit your CV and communicate with employers in order to find a job for you. Many employers use recruitment agencies. Some companies do this to conceal employment activities from their competitors, minimize publicity, or simply – get some help with the process of finding new employees.

Some recruitment agencies specialize in certain area (type of jobs), or they can specialize in geographical areas. The employers will pay the recruitment agency to help them with finding staff. That is why job seekers don’t have to pay the agency. However, additional services, like help with your CV or personality testing, will cost you a bit.

Recruitment agencies have their websites where you can find detailed information on jobs, applications, etc. However, making contact in person is always a good idea.

Online recruiter agencies will allow you to post your resume where employers can see it. If you want to use this service, you must be certain that the website is safe and trusted, because you will give them your personal information.

The Advantages of Hiring an Agency

If you already have a job and you don’t have time to search for another job, the agency will do that for you. You will also get some good advice on anything you want to know. A recruiting agency will help you find a job in another city/country, and they will help you relocate. This is considered one of the greatest advantages of hiring a recruitment agency.

Where to Find Offshore Recruiters

There are more than 300 companies that hire personnel for offshore work. Omega Resources, CML, and ORSI are some of the biggest offshore recruiters specialized in different geographical areas.

Omega Resources – Omega Resources was founded in 1998. Today, it is one of the biggest international offshore recruiters. The company focuses on key sectors that include Oil & Gas, Marine/Maritime, and the Renewable industries.

CML – This company has a large network of clients. It is one of the leading recruitment firms.

ORSI – Offshore Recruiting Services Inc. is a leading Canadian offshore recruiter. The company has been filling positions in Canadian offshore projects for years. Although initially focused on Canadian openings, the company also helps job seekers to find jobs in other countries.