Offshore Pharmacies

What is an offshore pharmacy? An offshore pharmacy is a virtual (online) drugstore (a website) you can use to buy medications. You can order different types of medications, like cholesterol medications, painkillers, diabetic medications, etc. However, not all medications can be ordered from these online drugstores. Some pharmacies won’t deliver certain types of drugs.

What Are the Advantages of Buying from Offshore Pharmacies?

In most cases, people use this method of buying medications because the prices are lower. Anonymity is another common reason to buy from these pharmacies. Other advantages include:

• You don’t have to wait
• You don’t have to make appointments
• You will have your medications deliver to your home address
• You will keep your privacy
• You will be able to refill your prescriptions
• There are no “hidden” expenses
• There are no any consultations fees

What Are the Disadvantages of Buying from Online Pharmacies?

Many online pharmacies will sell medications only if you have a prescription, whereas others don’t require prescriptions. This usually depends on the medicine you want to buy. You should know that buying a medication without a doctor’s review could put you at risk and endanger your health. Several pharmacies that used to offer medications without prescriptions turned out to be fraudulent. Some illegal substances have been sold by several online pharmacies.

Before you decide to order any medication from such pharmacies, you need to think about legality problems. Find out about the legislation of your own country: what kind of medications can you buy and how much? For example, U.S. residents can get serious penalties for buying controlled substances. Each state has its own rules regarding importation, trafficking and possession of prescription medications, so you must find out about these regulations in your own state.

Even if you have a valid prescription, there can still be certain restrictions. The drug quantity is just one of such restrictions.

Some offshore pharmacies sell various unauthorized products, like alternative treatments for serious health problems (cancer, for example.) Some of these “cures” turned out the be extremely dangerous.

Anonymity and simplicity of the entire process of buying medications online are the greatest advantages, but you must not forget about the disadvantages and potential risks. There are many scams out there. Find out as much as you can about the pharmacy you want to order from. Talk to other people who have already been ordering from such online drugstores and ask for some advice.

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