Living in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular expat destinations. There are many good reasons to move to this country, but before you make your final decision, get as much information as you can about the cost of living, job opportunities, real estate prices, lifestyle, and climate.

Why Australia?

Australia is beautiful! Amazing wildlife, beautiful beaches, rainforests and great climate make Australia very attractive to foreigners. Some animal and plant species can only be found in this country, and nowhere else! It is one of the world’s largest countries (by area), but has very low population density.

Australia is a multicultural country. More than two hundred languages are spoken there; forty-five of them are indigenous. The most common ones are English, Italian, Cantonese, Greek, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Australian society is inclusive and tolerant. People from different countries come to live here, but all of them respect the same values. Although there are many different cultures in Australia, people have the sense of belonging and unity.

Everyone has equal rights. Australian laws do not discriminate anyone – regardless of one’s color, race, gender or religious beliefs. All citizens of Australia have equal rights of freedom of association, speech, religion, assembly and movement.

Basic principles of Australian society are equal opportunities for all, the rule of law, tolerance, freedom of religion and speech, and cultural diversity.

What to Think about Before you Move to Australia

Medical costs,  cost of living , help for couples who have children, waiting to get social security benefits (this takes two years), employment and language are the most important things to consider before you decide to move to Australia.

You need to complete all legal and financial matters before you come to Australia. This is extremely important, especially if you are taking your family with you. You need to prepare the most important documents, such as passport, birth certificate, work records, your marriage certificate, medical clearance, and school reports (if you have any schoolchildren).

When you arrive, you will have to apply for a TFN (tax file number). Next, you will have to register with Medicare. Opening a bank account should also be done as soon as you come to Australia. You will also want to register with  Centrelink. This agency will help you with all kinds of issues.

Living in Australia

Australia is a country with excellent health care system, great education institutions, high standard of living, and good employment opportunities. However, the cost of living is not the same in all parts of the country.

Before you decide to move to Australia permanently, visit the country and stay there for a while. This will be the best way to see if this country is really for you. You can also talk to other expats who live in Australia. What you hear from these people can be very helpful.

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