How to Live and Work in Italy

Italy is one of the most developed countries in Europe. This country has a high standard of living and it plays an important role in the European cultural and political life. Italy is one of the most popular European destinations; thousands of tourists come to visit this country every year. Many Americans dream about moving to Italy.

If you are an EU citizen, you can spend 90 days in Italy (out of 180 days). If not, you will need a  visa  – one of the following types:

Student Visa
Extended Stay Visa
Work Visa

If you are a student, you should visit a specialized agency in your country and see what you need to do to get a student visa. You can visit  Student Traveler  for more information.

When it comes to work visas, there are two categories: Work (independent) and Employment.

Visas for independent work are given to individuals who work independently (craftsmen, traders or industrialists), or to those who want to start a business. You will need a document from the Police of Italy and other authorizations, depending on the type of your work. You will also need a proof of your previous business and your income (8.400 E minimum for the previous year).

Another type of visa (employment) is given to people who are offered a job in this country. The type of your employment contract is an important factor for getting this type of visa.

The Cost of Living in Italy

It is very important to find out as much as you can about costs of living, before you decide to move to this country. You should know that different areas have different costs of living. Here are some of the basic things you will have to pay for.

Water: For those who live in apartments, water will be included in rent. People who live houses with separate lines will have to pay nearly 18 E on average.

Garbage: if you live in a condo, this will be included in your rent. Those who live in houses have to pay nearly 120 E annually.

Electricity: nearly 50 E / month.

Grocery: if you live alone, you will have to spend at least 160 E/ month. For more information, visit  Numbeo-Cost of Living.

How to Find a Job in Italy

Contact some of the companies that have branches in Italy. If they hire you, they will help you with your relocation, and you won’t have to worry about paperwork.

You can contact some recruitment agencies. This can be the easiest way to find a job in Italy, because these agencies have good connections with Italian companies. They will also tell you all you need to know about living and working in this country.

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