Kuwait Jobs

Kuwait is a small Arab state neighbored by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The oil industry in Kuwait made incredible progress after gaining independence in 1961. Today, the country is ranked 5th richest in the world, and it is no wonder it’s so attractive to immigrants. There are different employment opportunities in several sectors, but the oil sector is certainly the largest.

Major Industries

The oil industry is dominant in Kuwait, but there are other sectors that can offer great job opportunities. Some of these sectors include:

• Shipping
• Construction
• Financial Services
• Water Desalination
• Construction Materials

Although most job opportunities come from these major sectors, jobs may also be found in the health care sector – especially for trained nurses, teaching and telecommunication professionals. The great thing about getting a Kuwait Job is that the earning potential is far greater than in other places in the world.

Before you decide to go to Kuwait and start working there, you have to be familiar with lifestyle, culture, cost of living, and law in this country.

Kuwait Jobs

Private Sector Labour Law

Labour regulations in this sector are set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. People who have temporary employment contracts (of less than 6 months) will be excluded from the private sector labour low. If the head office of an employer is somewhere outside Kuwait, expatriates who work in Kuwait will be governed by the law of the employer’s country (where the head office is located), unless the company has a Kuwait branch. In this case, the laws of Kuwait will be applied.

Employment Contracts

This document regulates employment terms and conditions. It can be indefinite, or it can be a fixed-time contract. In that case, the contract will not exceed 5 years. Minimum limits regarding the terms are specified here, and if any clause in the contract implies lesser benefits than rights, an employee will be granted the minimum (specified by the labour law).

The contract has to include:

• The date of appointment
• A description of the job
• The remuneration payable
• Duration

Although some contracts can be verbal, written contracts are far more popular – for a good reason. In case of any dispute, a written document will be more credible. Written contracts are in Arabic, but they have to be translated to an employee’s language. The Arabic version will always be authoritative, in case of any dispute.

A probationary period can last 100 days maximum. An employee cannot be put on probation twice by the same employer.

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