Expat Package

What is an expat package? The purpose of an expat package is to take care of your expenses, from your arrival in the country where you will be working, till your departure. This is actually a list of things that can be covered by the company you’ll be working for in a foreign country. Your expat package will depend on your entitlement, and it will also depend on whether you are traveling alone or you are taking your family with you.

Expat Package: What to Think about


The company will pay for your airline tickets. If you are moving to a foreign country with your family, the company is expected to pay for their airline tickets, too.

Relocation Allowance

If you are moving to another country with your family, this will involve some additional costs. The company may offer you to provide additional funding.


The company will have to make sure that your family members (or you, if you are going there alone), have an appropriate place to live. Big companies often have their own apartments in foreign countries, and these can be used by their employees. The company can also offer to pay for your hotel room, or you can find a rental apartment. The second option is much better for an employee who is taking his family with him.

Medical Insurance

It is important to have a medical program that will cover you abroad. This should also cover dental services.

Utility Bills

These are paid by the company, but remember: your company is familiar with the costs of living and average utility bills in the country where you will be working, and they already know what to expect. Your utility bills should not be too high!


You can talk to your company about getting a rental car, or you can use taxi services, if that is more convenient for you.

Your children’s education

The school fees for your children should be taken care of by the company. This can be a bit tricky. For example, choosing the school for your children will certainly require some help.

Home Leave

Some employees can get paid holidays, and they can return home to spend their holidays there. Some companies won’t offer you this option, but you can still ask!

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