Expat Dating

Moving to a foreign country is not as easy as it seems. Even if you have a dream job and you like living in your new country, you may feel lonely from time to time. If you are moving abroad with your family, the entire process of getting used to a new country will be less difficult. You will have your family with you and you will never feel alone. You will be there for each other at all times. However, if you are moving to a foreign country alone, this process can be a bit tricky.

Dating other expats

Being alone in a foreign country is not always a pleasant experience, especially if you don’t speak the local language. If your new country is much different from your home country, you will need even more time to get used to it.

In such situation, dating may seem very difficult. If you are in a foreigner-friendly country that has similar culture and customs to those of your home country, it will be much easier for you to make new friends. You will learn more about their culture, language and lifestyle.

If you are in a country that’s much different from your own, don’t expect people to accept you right away. You are new to them, just like they are new to you.

Dating Other Expats

Dating another expat can be a good idea. You will certainly have at least one thing in common: both of you are foreigners. You will be able to understand each other very well, and you will support each other, which is very important!

Nearly all countries have expat communities. Contact the expat community in your new country and meet other expats. These communities have their websites and forums, which will make it easier for you to make new friends.  Expat Dating  and  Expats  are some of the popular websites.


You can choose to date a local. However, you will have to learn more about dos and don’ts. For example, if you are in the Middle East, dating a local can be very … difficult. This culture is much different from that of the Western world.

It is very important to show that you are willing to accept the differences between you and your partner. You will learn a lot about his/her lifestyle, and the person you are dating will also learn more about your own culture. Tolerance is very important, just like in any other relationship.