What is the Cost of Living Overseas?

People who want to move overseas should learn as much as possible about the cost of living in the country they choose to live in. However, it is not always easy to find specific information, because different cities (in the same country) have different costs of living. Therefore, you need to know exactly where you will live when you move overseas. You can ask other expatriates to tell you about the cost of living in that particular city. They will be able to make comparison between the cost of living in the U.S. and the cost of living in the foreign country they live in.

The Cost of Living Overseas: Things to Think about

• Housing is definitely the most important thing to think about before you move overseas. If your company is sending you to work overseas, they will provide housing; but, if you are moving overseas alone, you will have to think about rents and bills.

• Find out more about prices of the most important things, like the foods, electricity, telecommunications, clothes, and cosmetics. Ask about prices of restaurant meals, cinema tickets, nightlife, transportation costs, etc.

• Get as much information as possible about the economic and political situation in the country you want to move to.

The Most Popular Countries for American Expats

Australia is a great place for Americans for several reasons. English is dominant, people are friendly and the county has similar culture to that of the United States.

Argentina: low cost of living, friendly people and interesting culture.

Costa Rica: very popular with retirees; it is beautiful, peaceful, the economy is good; the cost of living is low, but the standard of living is quite high.

Mexico is another popular destination for American expatriates.

Brazil: ethnic diversity, stable economy, interesting culture, numerous opportunities for English teachers.

France: a beautiful country, with high standard of living, and – high cost of living.

South Africa, Italy, Japan and the UK are other popular countries, and many Americans go to work and live in some of these.

The Most Expensive Cities

The most expensive European cities include Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Oslo, Paris, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Dublin.

The most expensive cities in the Middle East are Tel Aviv, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The most expensive cities in Africa are Victoria, Niamey, Libreville and Luanda.

In South America, the most expensive cities are Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia.

The most expensive cities in Asia include Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Beijing. In India, the most expensive city is Mumbai.

The most expensive cities in Australia are Brisbane and Melbourne.

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