Cheap Overseas Travel

One of the benefits of living in another country as an expat is taking advantage of cheap overseas travel to nearby countries. Specifically, the cost for American expats to visit other destinations in Asia, Europe, and Australia is significantly lower than to do individual trips from the United States. Depending on the region of the world the expat lives, it can be a cheap as $50 USD to travel to another country depending on the country of origin’s airline fees and cost of aviation gasoline.

Travel Benefits for Living Overseas

One of the most commonly cited benefits that attract expats to live in a foreign country is the cheap cost of air travel to tourist or business destinations. In many destinations, the cost of airfare will be cheaper than to ride the train across national boundaries if the traveler is willing to travel light. Additionally, the accessibility of many countries from Asian, European, or Middle East airports is significantly higher than when departing from an international airport in the U.S. and some European locations.

Where to Find Cheap Overseas Travel Deals

Although most cheap overseas flights are found online today, many expats still find deeply discounted deals through local travel agents. The prudent expat; however, will take advantage of all means possible to find the cheapest overseas travel deal possible. Seeking out regional airlines such as Ryan Air in Western Europe over better known brands can result in a much cheaper airline ticket for the individual or family wanting an inexpensive ticket to nearby destinations. Other common tactics by expats are to check ticket prices directly with the national or international carriers who service the local airport(s). If you are just in the mood for a cheap ticket and don’t quite mind where you end up, many regional airlines are now offering “Blind Booking” deals where the ultimate destination of the ticket is unknown at the time of purchase. This helps the airline fill unused seats while allowing the traveler to fly at a much lower rate.

Things to Watch for When Buying Cheap Overseas Tickets

When in the market for cheap overseas travel, the first expectation expats have to work on managing is realizing that you get what you pay for. If you pay $50 USD or Euro for a plane ticket, be ready to have fewer amenities than when you fly a major carrier. Additionally, if traveling for a weekend stay only, try to get away with only one carry-on bag if possible to avoid sometimes pricey baggage fees being charged by many local and international carriers now-a-days. Some airlines even offer seats that require one to stand for the duration of the flight to further cut costs and increase the number of possible passengers on the aircraft.