Canadian Expats

Nearly 2.8 million Canadians (more than 9% of all citizens of Canada) live outside their home country. Most Canadian expatriates live in the United States. LA and New York are the cities with high number of Canadian expats. London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Beirut, Dubai and Paris also have many Canadians.

More than fifty-eight percent of Canadian expats are born in Canada; other forty-two percent were born in other countries, became the citizens of Canada through naturalization, and then left the country (most of them came back to the country of origin). Naturalized Canadians had a higher exit rate than native-born Canadians.

Canadian expatriates in the United States are mostly native-born. The United States may be the primary destination for most Canadian expats because the country is geographically close and there are no language barriers.

Many Canadians have friends and relatives in the United States. Lower income tax can be another good reason to move from Canada to the United States. Some Canadians simply find better job opportunities in the U.S.

Living in a foreign country can be a great experience, but it can also be stressful. Getting used to a new country takes a lot of time. Keeping in touch with other Canadian expats can be helpful. You can visit some of the following forums and meet other Canadian expats:

Canadian Expat Network
The Canadian Expat
Canuck Abroad

Expat Life in Canada

Canada is certainly an attractive destination for foreigners. Thousands of people come to live to Canada every year. It is not difficult to qualify for residence, if you have skills, work experience and good knowledge of English (or French – depending on which part of Canada you want to live in).

Real estate prices are not as high as in most other developed countries. House prices and rents are higher in big cities.

Education system in Canada is great and many foreign students come to study at some of the Canadian universities.

The health care cost is lower than in other developed countries. The prices vary, depending on which province you’re in.

Average salaries in Canada are higher than in the UK and the United States. On the other hand, the cost of living is lower.

Dining out is cheaper, food prices are lower, as well as petrol and car prices. However, Canadian winters can be quite harsh, and people use more electricity for house heating.

People from different countries live and work in Canada. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the biggest multicultural centers.