Uruguay Real Estate

Uruguay has become a very popular destination for both North Americans and Europeans who want to live outside their countries. Beautiful beaches, great climate and foreigner-friendly property law, make this country a good place to live. Before you decide to move to Uruguay, learn as much as you can about the country. Contact other expats who already live there.

Montevideo, Uruguay

The Quality of Life in Uruguay

As we said, most foreigners are attracted by beautiful beaches and great climate. There are no any natural hazards, but there are occasional strong winds and droughts. Of all Latin American countries, this country has the highest literacy rate and the lowest level of poverty. The crime rate is also very low, compared to other Latin American countries. Punta del Este is one of the safest places to live. Of course, this does not mean there are no home burglaries in this country.

There are ten hospitals in Uruguay. Most expats who live in this country say that medical professionals are far more caring than in their home countries.

What about the investment climate? Well, you can easily get confused by different stories about economic growth and good investment opportunities, and reports about political tensions in this part of the world. Each Latin American country has its own economic and political characteristics, and they differ from each other. Currently, Uruguay has a stable economy.

Uruguay Real Estate

Many international investors are interested in buying agricultural land in Uruguay. Coastal properties are also popular with foreign buyers.

Punta del Este  is one of the most popular spots for foreign investors. It is one of the safest places, and it is attractive to wealthy families and celebrities. Different types of real estate are available in Punta: single-family homes, apartments, houses on big land parcels, etc. The prices may vary, depending on the location and size of the property.

How to Buy Property in Uruguay

Who can buy property in Uruguay? What kind of property is available to foreigners?

Uruguay property law is foreigner-friendly, and anyone can buy property. There are no any restrictions or differential treatment for foreign buyers. In some countries (Mexico, Costa Rica), there are limitations when it comes to buying borderline property or coastal properties. In Uruguay, there are no such limitations.

To buy property, you will need help from a notary. This is actually an attorney. He/she will analyze the ownership documents and other important details. A notary will also make the purchase document, manage the entire process and record it at the Property Registry.

Before you start this process, talk to other foreigners who have already bought property in this country.

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