Food in Guatemala

Food in Guatemala is influenced by different cultures – mostly Spanish and Mayan, but also American and Chinese. Different parts of the country are known for different types of foods.

A Guatemala breakfast is usually very simple, and includes tortillas, eggs, plantains and beans. It also includes all kinds of tropical fruits, such as mangoes, bananas, avocado and papaya. Coffee is one of the favorite Guatemalan drinks, and it is always included in breakfast.

• Beans, rice, corn, tortillas and cheese are commonly used. Meat is also used for different dishes (especially chicken meat).

• Guatemalan meals are very similar to Mexican meals. Nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas and tamales are popular in both countries. If you prefer Chinese foods, you can find numerous Chinese restaurants (and stands) in Guatemala.

• Guatemalan cuisine includes many different types of tamales. They differ in type of dough, wrapping and filling. Tamales can be made with corn, rice or potato dough, and can be filled with nuts, meat or fruits. Guatemalan tamales are usually wrapped in mashan (green leaves) or banana leaves. The entire process of making  Guatemalan tamales  can be very demanding.

• Another popular Guatemalan snack is made of avocados, mashed and mixed with lime juice or lemon juice, garlic and tomatoes. Green mango is served with lime and chili.

• Nachos usually come with great toppings, like re-fried beans, cheese, peppers and avocado.

• Tortillas are cheap and very popular. Most Guatemalan dishes include tortillas.

• Tres Leches Cake is one of the most popular desserts. This cake is soaked in different sorts of milk (cream, sweetened milk and evaporated milk).

• Food in Guatemala is cheap; the prices are just a bit higher in tourist areas, but even there, the food isn’t expensive (compared to food prices in the United States). If you decide to make a meal by yourself, it will be even cheaper.

• Authentic Guatemalan food can be found at local eateries. You can also buy French fries and fried chicken, whenever you feel homesick. You can also visit some of the numerous international restaurants. Most of these are located in tourist areas.

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